that meets the highest HACCP/FSSC/BRC standards. Walls must be easy to clean and must not attract any filth. Sentho B.V. can offer different solutions.

.For hygienic spaces

The FRP® FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) sheets can be used for both renovation and new constructions. FRP® FRP is used in areas that must be food-safe and accepted for the highest standards like HACCP, BRC, FSSC, USDA, FDA. Sentho B.V. can offer you advice and guide your project. The FRP® FRP is antistatic, dirt repellent and very easy to clean

FRP® FRP direct bonding

In many cases, FRP® FRP can be bonded/glued directly on old tile walls or steel sandwich panels. The surface must be flat, free of dirt and there should not be any moisture in the wall. The big advantage of direct bonding is that you do not have any space loss. Old walls will look as new after attaching the FRP® FRP on the wall. We use a special 2-component epoxy to connect the FRP® FRP panels. The 2-component epoxy will become hard and gives a perfect seamless connection or reparation of the FRP® FRP. The 2-componen epoxy is UV resistant, non-toxic and solvent free.

FRP® FRP front wall

If an existing wall is not completely flat or not directly glue able, there is a possibility to use a FRP® FRP front wall. This can be built with framework. Against that framework the FRP® sandwich panel will be placed. It is also possible to provide a wall with a fiber-bounded plate. After that the wall will be connected with a 2,3 mm FRP® FRP panel. With a FRP® FRP front wall it is also possible to eliminate pipe work and any other obstacles, so there will be no dirt accumulation and everything is easy to clean.

FRP® FRP dividing wall

With a FRP® FRP dividing wall it is possible to split a space into two spaces or to create a box-in-box.

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. Characteristics of our plastic sandwich panels

Durable and flexible

Fiber Reinforced Polyester

No loss of space

Maximum hygienic

Antifungal and bacterial

Impact resistant

Thermally stable

Water and dirt repellent

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The Panelchok Hi-PIR system

To meet the high requirements of building materials with regard to thermal insulation and fire behavior, we present a new generation of panels. The letters PIR refer to Polyisocyanurate, an evolved system of polyrethane formulas. The advantage of Panelchok Hi-PIR panels is that they are lightweight and do not absorb water. PIR foam is very resistant to chemical substances. Thanks to the closed cell structure, fungi and bacteria don’t stand a chance. Ideal for industries where hygiene is of paramount importance.

Our HACCP wall panels can be used in many sectors. Think of: Bakeries, slaughterhouses, car washes, the chemical industry, kitchens, cold stores and freezer rooms, fish processing companies, food processing, hospitals and sanitary rooms.