HACCP Wall and ceiling system for the hygienic room

Some advantages of our wall and ceiling panels are the high insulation values, the liquid tightness and not to mention the impact resistance of the panels. A sustainable, recyclable product suitable for hygienic finishing projects.

. For hygienic areas

Wonderboard panels are mainly used in rooms where high hygienic requirements are set (HACCP standards) and ease of cleaning is a requirement.

The Wonderboard HACCP Wall System

With Wonderboard®, Sentho responds to developments in industries that must meet the strict standards laid down in Articles 15 and 16 of the Commodities Act on Hygiene and Food. Wonderboard® wall system and a ceiling system meets the standards of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

Discover the benefits

Because the Wonderboard HACCP wall system is dirt-resistant, impact-resistant, resistant to mold and bacteria, it is well applicable in a wide range of industries. The total Wonderboard program is offered by us so that the perfect solution can be offered for every situation. Wonderboard HACCP wall system does not absorb and is completely impervious, it is easy to clean and the most hygienic solution available on the market.

A solution for every situation

Wonderboard can be used by gluing directly onto old traditional tile walls. It is also possible to use Wonderboard sandwich panels. Wonderboard plastic sandwich panels are used in situations where, for example, the wall is provided with a coating so that direct bonding is not possible. Or when a certain insulation value must be met.

Sentho pand

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The Panelchok Hi-PIR system

To meet the high requirements of building materials with regard to thermal insulation and fire behavior, we present a new generation of panels. The letters PIR refer to Polyisocyanurate, an evolved system of polyrethane formulas. The advantage of Panelchok Hi-PIR panels is that they are lightweight and do not absorb water. PIR foam is very resistant to chemical substances. Thanks to the closed cell structure, fungi and bacteria don’t stand a chance. Ideal for industries where hygiene is of paramount importance.

Our HACCP wall panels can be used in many sectors. Think of: Bakeries, slaughterhouses, car washes, the chemical industry, kitchens, cold stores and freezer rooms, fish processing companies, food processing, hospitals and sanitary rooms.

Optimal hygiene
Easy to clean
Dirt cannot accumulate
Resistant to chemicals
No corrosion or rust
Does not absorb odors
Impact resistant
Water and dirt repellent
Optional fire safety
Durable and flexible
Easy assembly

Our hygienic products are also used in the following branches



Sanitary room, Dressing rooms, Swimming pools etc.

Car industry

Car industry

Car Washes, Truck Washes, Car Servicing

Healthcare institutions

Healthcare institutions

Care Homes, Hospitals, Care Practices



Bakeries, Fast food restuarants, Food processing

Fish processing

Fish processing

Fish restaurants, Fish processing companies, Food distribution centers

Meat processing companies

Meat processing companies

Butcher’s shops, slaughterhouses, propagation companies

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