Expert in HACCP hygienic wall and ceiling systems

Thanks to years of experience, various investigations and careful monitoring of the strictest requirements in the food industry, we can call ourselves experts in the field of hygienic renovation and new construction projects.

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Sentho is your right hand, advisor and implementer for complex new construction and renovation projects where hygiene, liquid tightness and / or insulation of processing areas are important. We specialize in the installation of hygienic, liquid-tight and / or insulating wall systems, ATT stainless steel ceiling system drainage gullies and gutters and stainless steel / concrete crash protection.

Hygienic finishing projects

Sentho hygienic products can be used in various industries where hygiene plays a major role. All products comply with the HACCP guidelines that every company must draw up to make a risk assessment during the production process.

What we offer

With Sentho FRP systems you can have your business premises covered or renovated in a simple, affordable and efficient way. Our employees are specialized in processing and assembling finishing systems in accordance with EU standards and the standards of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). Assembly takes place according to the HSE standards (Safety, Health and Environment) and VCA (Safety Checklist Contractors). Our systems meet the highest quality requirements.

What we do

We do not think in terms of problems, but in terms of solutions. Every situation is professionally assessed. After we have made an inventory of the existing situation, we will evaluate our findings with you and provide you with sound advice. From advice to implementation. We can take the entire project off your hands. If desired, we can also provide a project with solid stainless steel skirting boards.

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Professional advice

You can only give advice by properly assessing situations and by listening carefully to the wishes and needs of the customer. Because of our extensive experience in various sectors, we believe that “problems” are often less big and professionally resolvable.

We relieve you

Recognize and solve problems. At Sentho you are at the right place for this. As soon as your choice has fallen on Sentho, the guidance process starts for Sentho. Our guidance relieves you in translating and achieving your wishes. Do you also want to be relieved?

Years of experience

We have many years of experience with renovation and new construction projects in the food, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Because we are flexible and take production processes into account, this will be kept to a minimum.

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